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Harshil Kamdar

Co-moving Pairs Catalog

03 Apr 2019

The associated catalogs from Kamdar+ (2019) on co-moving pairs in Gaia DR2 + LAMOST DR4 are here and here. The two separate files have identical columns and list properties for the individual stars in the pair.

The columns in these files are:

  1. gidp: Gaia DR2 ID
  2. xp: Galactocentric X [kpc]
  3. yp: Galactocentric Y [kpc]
  4. zp: Galactocentric Z [kpc]
  5. vxp: Galactocentric VX [km/s]
  6. vyp: Galactocentric VY [km/s]
  7. vzp: Galactocentric VZ [km/s]
  8. rap: RA [deg]
  9. decp: Declination [deg]
  10. parallaxp: Parallax [mas]
  11. pmrap: Proper Motion (RA) [mas/yr]
  12. pmdecp: Proper Motion (Dec) [mas/yr]
  13. rvp: Radial Velocity [km/s]
  14. Gmagp: G Magnitude [mag]
  15. bp_rpp: BP-RP Color [mag]
  16. obsidp: LAMOST Observation ID
  17. snrup: SNR in U-band
  18. snrgp: SNR in G-band
  19. snrrp: SNR in R-band
  20. snrip: SNR in I-band
  21. snrzp: SNR in Z-band
  22. teffp: LAMOST Effective Temperature [K]
  23. teff_errp: LAMOST Effective Temperature Error [K]
  24. loggp: log g [log cgs]
  25. fehp: [Fe/H] [dex]
  26. feherrp: Error in [Fe/H] [dex]
  27. dr: 3D Separation [kpc]
  28. dv: 3D Velocity Difference [km/s]
  29. conn: Connectivity (2=mutually exclusive)
  30. dfeh: Difference in [Fe/H] for pair [dex]
  31. dteff: Difference in Effective Temperature for pair [dex]
  32. ruwe: RUWE
  33. nvs: Number of Visibility Periods
  34. rvnbs: Number of Radial Velocity Transits
  35. dists: Distance to Star [pc]